Get the Best Deals at Best Prices on Amazon Prime

Best Deals at Best Prices on Amazon Prime: Amazon is an America based popular and reliable online shopping site having a worldwide presence. It is one of the largest company to sell products online. It has separate retail shopping portals in countries like India, Brazil, Australia, Japan, China etc. with international shipping options. Today, there is hardly anyone who has not experienced the perks of online shopping with this site.

This unique e-store was primarily based on online storybooks solely and later shifted to DVDs, CDs, household, jewellery etc. Here, you can find great deals and choices for clothing for men, women, and children, fashion related accessories, electronics, household products and much more.

Amazon online shopping has recently added a new feature to their service called the Amazon prime. Amazon Prime is a subscription where you have to pay for getting enrolled. You get many benefits that the other buyers (non-prime members) do not get.

Amazon Prime is a strategy where both the customer and the company get benefitted. The subscription price of Amazon is reasonable and to attract new customers, special discounts are also being given.

Entertainment Purpose | Best Deals at Best Prices on Amazon Primeamazon prime

You can get the access to Access Prime Video anywhere – be it a smart TV, tablet, laptop, or desktop; it’s compatible even with Android or iOS phone.

You can watch prime videos. Videos that again contain everything that you search for online to download ranging from daily soaps to movies. You get unlimited storage space in the cloud if you are a member that would mean unlimited clicking off pictures.

When you listen to music online, one thing that bugs are the ads in between every song. If you are a member of the Amazon prime, you do not have to worry about these issues. Amazon Prime music comes ad-free. Now just enjoy the exclusive and latest regional and Bollywood blockbusters seamlessly with your Prime membership. Even the award-winning Amazon Original Series like Transparent is a huge hit these days!

Shipping Benefits | Best Deals at Best Prices on Amazon PrimeAmazon-Prime-Shipping

If you are a member of prime, you are assured to get faster delivery and free shipping.  If you are a customer who likes to buy something regularly, you must be a member of Amazon Prime as you get to save the money on shipping. Items that have the tag of Prime delivery benefits can be delivered free in One-Day, Two-Day or even Standard Delivery schedule – the choice is yours as the options are marked. While searching, you need to look for the prime logo beside the product; for faster results opt for the Prime logo filter.

If you are a prime member, you also get the added benefit of getting notification of discounts 30 minutes before the non-prime members daily. All you need to do is choose the Prime Early Access filter and start your search on the site to see the best-selected deals of the day, also called Lightning Deals. Prime ensures a convenient and safe shopping experience for products by qualified sellers. The guarantee of delivering the best is always there on Amazon!

Even though there is a subscription charge of Rs. 499/- for the year, the overall benefits far outweigh the nominal fee that Amazon charges for its wide-ranging services. Moreover, they provide a one month trial. You can try out the benefits for a month and after that, if you want to enrol, you can subscribe. So that is a bonus.