Ganesh idols online for Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh idols online: Chaturthi is a pleasant festival. There is a joyous bliss that is accompanied by the best of the emotions. Since it is around the corner now, we believe that you’d be preparing for it at your best! If you are a person who isn’t sure what to do for this Chaturthi, then don’t worry. We are here for you!

The solutions that we are offering for this Chaturthi are not only low-energy consuming, meaning that you have to buy them online, but also eco-friendly. So, let’s see how to buy a good idol for this Chaturthi right away.

Ganesh Chaturthi checklist

To have the perfect experience of Chaturthi, make sure that you do the following things.

  • Book the Idol in Advance 

Ganesh Chaturthi checklist

Chaturthi is not something that needs to be dealt with haste. We are talking about a festival here, which involves lots of enthusiasm. Keep in mind that the haste will make waste if you adopt it.

Make sure that you book an idol before-hand. Booking an idol on the day of Janmashtami, or 10-15 days before a festival. That is convenient as it covers up the possibilities of risk. If you haven’t booked it yet then never mind! Read the rest of the article to find your way out of this distress.

  • Buy Only Clay or Mud Idols 


The society must ensure that only clay or mud idols, that are biodegradable should be used within its premises. That not only ensures a safer environment, but also safe recycling of the idols. The Idols must not be treated badly, so make sure you do this! Keep in mind that the plaster of Paris and polymer-based idols are never recommended.

  • Choose the Right Size 

Ganesh-idols Choose the Right size

The right size of the idol plays a vital role in a good prayer. Since the Chaturthi is a social festival, it means that the idol must be big enough for the whole society to see. Keeping in view this sentiment, the management should consider a 10-15 feet tall idol. That would make all the members of the society convenient while praying in front of the statue.

The smaller statues can be used in the private proximities of the society, such as the homes. Consider a right-hand rule, the smaller the proximity, the smaller the size of the idol becomes.

  • Choose a Seated Idol 

Choose a Seated Idol 

Seated idols are mainly preferred due to two reasons. Firstly, the seated statue of the Bhagwan looks more majestic to the people. It gives the feels as if an idol of a king was crafted as he sat on his throne!

The second reason to fuel this argument is more scientific than emotional. As the area of cross-section of a standing Ganesh is always shorter, hence the Idol is exposed to a higher rate of risks as compared to the sitting Idol. Consider an Idol that is seated as it increases the area of the cross-section to some extent, which further avoids damage to the sacred statue.

  • Opt for Natural Colors 

Ganesh-idols Opt for Natural Colors 

No one would like to go for the toxic and synthetic colours while he is looking at something precious. The natural colours such as those of vermillion and turmeric substance should instead be preferred by the authorities.

We choose the naturally produced colours instead of toxic colours and dyes due to some reasons. The main reason is that these colours do not harm nature. Once the Idol is put into the rivers, the natural colours are not polluting the environment. This fulfills the purpose of loving the Bhagwan and his creations altogether.

  • Purchase the Decorative Items

Lord Ganesh

Decorations are to enhance the look and feel of the majestic Idol you bought. You are to be honouring a God, so, why not use some extra things that make it look even more Godly? The Idol must be decorated with lots and lots of decorative items that are made up either of clay or wood! Once more, the plastics and other harmful materials should not be allowed to stay near these majestic Idols. This should be ensured so that nature can be praised in addition to God.

If you keep these little things in mind while choosing an Idol, we are pretty sure that you will be immensely satisfied with the results. The Chaturthi is something should be excited about nature as well as the people! So, follow these simple steps to rock this Chaturthi and to give back to nature. We wish all of you a happy Chaturthi.